Diving Anacapa Island – 6/14/15

It’s becoming ever more difficult to find some time to go diving these days it seems. After a long pause, I finally managed to go on a boat again to enjoy some time with the fishes. Unfortunately, the boat I usually go on has changed their policy and is only making 3 dives rather then the 4 they did in the past. Still, a day diving is a good day.

The other fallout from my lack of diving is that I am forgetting how to take pictures. There was not a lot to take pictures of this time. The warm water is having an  effect on the creatures it seems. There are hardly any nudibranchs anywhere and we used to have tons of them. I did get a friendly octopus on my first dive. He was definitely not shy an didn’t seem too bothered by my sticking around.

The other two dives were more on the uneventful side. Nothing bad, but really not much to see other than the usual school of fishes. We did get a handful of sheepcrap which are becoming more of a rare sight these days. However, they are simply too big to take a good photo with the macro lens I had on.

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