About me…

me shuttleIf you know me, welcome back. If you don’t know me, please let me introduce myself. This blog is all about the things I enjoy in life. It really comes down to food and travel. I love exotic, remote places and simple, tasty food. Life is too short for complicated things.

When I am not cooking or traveling, which I do not do anywhere near as much as I would like, I work as a materials scientist and development engineer in southern California. I am not a professional photographer, so please have some mercy with my photos. Although I strive to take the best photos possible, they don’t always come out as I hope. I hope you will get some entertainment out of these pages. If I can inspire you to take another trip and or try something new, I succeeded.

Please feel free to send me a note. I am always happy to hear about ideas for new places to visit, comments about the ones I went to or just general feedback. If you would like to use the photos for anything, please let me know. I will be happy to send out full size, high resolution versions.

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