Diving Wreck of ACE I and Oil Rigs Eureka & Elly – 08/17/2013

If there is a heaven, for me it would be wet, have lots of fish and 100 ft visibility at 80F. So, almost there today. The first dive was on the wreck of the ACE I. A really nice wreck at 120ft depth. Lots of growth, tons of fish, a giant black sea bass and some nudis I haven’t seen before. I do have to say, though, that at 120ft I do get a good dose of N2 narcosis. Although I stayed on the wreck for about 15 mins, I remember having tunnel vision focusing on my deco time. I guess if you have to narrow your concentration on something, that is a good one. Nonetheless, a good dive. Lots to see, but not enough time to really adjust the camera to get good photos (which takes a lot longer when you are essentially drunk).

Ok, one great dive down, two more to go. Next up (down) was Oil Rig Eureka. Lots of stuff to see as usual. Those rigs are just phenomenal dive grounds. The last dive of the day was on Oil Rig Elly. They just finished cleaning her down to 50ft. So no growth on the top. All the goodies on below, though. Which was nice because all the surface fish were forced to go just down to where the growth is. So at 50 ft there was a huge congregation of sheephead. What really set this dive apart though, were the silversides everywhere. There were balls of krill which they corralled into krill-tornadoes for lack of a better word. Absolutely amazing sight.

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