Diving Anacapa Island – 7/14/2013

So, this was a first. I got bitten by a sea lion. On the head! Three times!! Stupid sea lion!!!

Well not so much bitten as nibbled on. Do I look like a sea lion squeaky toy!? Well, I guess I did squeak and am rubbery on the outside in my dive suit… Damit! So, the full story. I am going up the anchor line and am finishing my safety stop when I feel something on my head. At first I thought I hit the anchor line. When the ‘sensation’ got a bit more intense, I next thought somebody above is kicking me. So I turn around and stare into an open sea lion mouth 5″ in front of my mask. I try to push it away and it tries to bite my hand. So I start screaming through my regulator at this thing and it does go away. However, on to come around from the back and start nibbeling on my head again. This time I pick up my camera and start shooting. So, some funny pictures and my dive buddy, Barbara, could hardly keep her regulator in for laughing. Hey, thanks for helping there buddy!

Other than this pesty sea lion, we had tons and tons of salp floating around. Difficult to capture on camera, but most beautiful to watch. Add to that some 50ft viz., a couple bat rays and a harbor seal and we have a phenomenal dive day!

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