Diving Anacapa Island – 12/10/11

This was one of those truly unforgettable dives. Diving the Channel Islands in the winter time is always a dicy decision. Often enough the weather just does not play along and you get blown out. Swells can be quite large (for us around here anyway) and boats can’t make it to the islands. Today was different, though. The weather cooperated and so did the locals. As a mater of fact, they showed up en force. There are a couple spots on Anacapa that are known to have a big Sea Lion group. This time they were all out. Diving in a group of 100+ animals going all around is a unique and almost surreal experience. The sea lions are quite curios to figure out what just dropped down from the sky and is making all the funny noises (our regulators). All was well until the patriarch decided I had spend enough time with his females and came by for a to tell me off (photo above). Well, long story short, I left. Nothing like liking into the jaw of a pissed off sea lion to convince you to move along.

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