The Second Amazon Experience

We liked the amazon so much that we decided to go back for a second tour. This time during the high water season. The most notable difference is that what used to be dry land, is now several feet under water. So much so, that there is (almost) no dry land left. Unfortunately, this year the melt waters from the Andes that flood this region of the amazon were not a abundant as usual due to the lighter than usual snow pack. Global warming reaches everything. Therefore there were a couple tiny islands left.

The other difference was the weather. Last time the temperature was in the 90s with almost 100% humidity. Now it was much more agreeable in the upper 70s. That made for a more pleasant stay overall.

Since there is no dry land, all activities had to be based on the water. It is a quite surreal to navigate the rain forrest in a canoe. The way still needs to be cleared with a machete, though. The consequence would make any insectologist happy. No land means that all insects, all 100 billion of them, are on the trees, vines and leaves. Hitting those with a machete now means that we were constantly inundated with a rain of all kinds of insects. I think I saw at least 50 different kinds of spiders on me.

The main reason we came this time was for jaguars. There is a research team that collars them during the dry season and comes back during the wet season to study them. Normally the cats stay on trees when the canoes approach. However, since there was tiny bit of dry land left, they took of. Based on the radio signal we came to about 50 feet of one, but then it ran. So, alas, no cats for us. The other animals were still there and a pleasure to watch. There are plenty more photos of the first trip on this page.

The finish the trip off, we went to Rio for a couple days to do the usual touristy thing.

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