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Over the years I have collected an almost ludicrous number of photos of the underwater world of my beloved California Channel Islands. It is an amazing location to dive and discover a new world. At some point I wanted to share the beauty of that world with others who might not be able to go. At first it was a web-site. Not this one, but close enough. Eventually I decided that a good, old-fashioned book would be much more adequate.

Fortunately, this being the 21st century, there are excellent print-to-order services. So, off I went. After a couple trials (and lots of errors), I figured out how to customize the bookmaking software to my liking. This book of mine was supposed to follow my ideas of layout to be unique. After a lot more trials (and deletions), I managed to select 200 or so of my favorite photos out of over 10,000. And finally, after a lot of time learning about all the critters I shot, I was able to identify them all. There is a nice overview on the back of the book.

Of course I am very satisfied with my handiwork. But the ultimate judges are the readers. Please hop over to Blurb for a beautiful printed book. I offer a paperback and a very nice hardcover. They are unfortunately a bit on the expensive side since they are print-to-order. However, Blurb often has coupons available that will bring down to the cost quite a bit. I do not really make much of a profit of them. If you rather stick to electronic books, iTunes has it on sale as well for a much more agreeable price. Just click on the links above. There are nice previews available on both sites.