Fiji 2009

I just realized that I never posted the photos from Fiji after a friend was looking for suggestions on where to go to. Well, that is easily remedied. This trip was actually quite a while back, but after looking through these photos, I feel like I have to go back and revisit Fiji.

The trip itself was a pure relax and dive vacation. We stayed at the Wananavu resort on the north east tip of the main island. The resort is about a 2 hr ride from the airport in Nadi, where all the international flights arrive. It is a fairly pleasant drive through some really nice landscapes and sugarcane plantations. However, the hotel can arrange for a water plane as transport, which we did not do. The isolation is a great bonus as there is nobody around. We spend the morning diving and then the afternoon at the small local beach in a hammock. Then repeat the next day.

Diving is about as easy as it gets. Warm, crystal clear waters bursting with life. Unlike many other places, the ocean floor is at about 100 ft with coral pinnacles going up to the surface. That is also the reason Fiji is called the soft coral capital of the world. It is absolutely amazing to dive these reefs. The photos barely do them justice. The deeper waters have some of the larger creatures like turtles and reef sharks, while the upper layers are teaming with colorful fish.

While many of the more popular (and glamorous) resorts are on other islands close to the west cost, this resort is the only one that allows diving the Bligh Water by day boat. It is otherwise only accessible by live aboard. The Bligh Water is deeper water with more currents, but even more amazing corals and life. Definitely not to be missed.

Finally, a Ro-Ro ferry capsized a few years prior in a storm. It now makes for a great dive wreck. Especially the main deck with all the cars and trucks strewn around like toys.

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