Diving Catalina & Oil Rig Eureka – 6/22/2013

The day didn’t start all that well. Went to Eureka only to find an epic current ripping through the rig. Viz was nice, but no good if you can only spend a minute or two on the rig before getting washed out to the wide open ocean. So we went to Catalina and again the current tore our boat from the anchor point. So we moved again and finally the gods smiled upon us. Great viz and the current dropped to nothing. As a bonus, I got a bat ray. The second dive was then rewarded with a very cooperative octopus. Thus encouraged we decided to give the oil rigs yet a final try and we were lucky. Current was down, but so was the viz. An oil rig is an oil rig and is awsome even in ok viz (we had about 40 ft). So all in all a good day.

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