Greece 2014

After a long time on the to-do list, I finally managed to spend some time in Greece. It was a quick 2 week trip trying to cover all the big sites and locations. It was definitely worth it. Greece is a great place to visit. Very friendly people, great food and fantastic landscapes.

The trip started with 3 days in Athens to visit the Acropolis and other sites. Turned out with all the construction going on on the Acropolis, the other site were much nicer. Though the view from the Acropolis is breathtaking. The other sites stem from ancient greek and roman times. We stayed in the center and could easily walk everywhere.

After Athens, the program called for a couple days on Crete. First of was some diving in Agios Nikolaos. Diving is ok as far as us Californians are concerned. Water this time of the year is nippy, though (65F) if you only have a wetsuit. The rest of the time in Crete was used to drive around the island to take in the views and visit the ancient palaces of Phaistos and Knossos. Both worth visiting, though the former is far more remote and I liked it for that.

Finally, after making the trip back to Athens, we spend a week driving around the Peloponnese to hit the big ticket items. It started of in the city of Nafplio with the Palamidhi Fortress. Two ways to get there. The lazy way driving up a boring street and the interesting way walking up around 900 steps and about 800 ft with view of the old town. I took the latter and my calves are still hurting. Though nowhere near as bad as my behind for being kicked by my significant other all the way up because I didn’t drive. Oh well, we both survived. The Fortress is absolutely amazing in size, location and just pure fun.

After that we went to Mycenae, a late bronze age city near Nafplio. From there the trip continued on to Olympia and then finally Delphi. Both are very much worth a visit, though Delphi was my favorite. Build on a hill-side with magnificent views and it is fairly well preserved. All in all, a very interesting and highly recommended trip.

The short list of photos is here and the rest is on my Flickr album.

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